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The Right Building Response
At the Right Time

When striving to optimize your building’s energy systems and ensure reliable HVAC performance, knowledge is power.


Our data insights are real-time, not rear-view

With BEMA’s holistic software Platform, you’ve got the real-time insights you need to solve your biggest challenges


Prevent HVAC system downtime and catastrophic failure

Our integrated network of sensors, software and energy algorithms help to “see” into your building systems, monitor system performance, and provide alerts to system issues—before they turn into costly system failures.

Save on energy and HVAC service/repair costs

Calling for HVAC service after a system has failed is a costly and sluggish process. There are time delays, multiple repair trips, and most likely, frustrated tenants. With proactive insight into your energy systems and the ability to manage assets remotely, BEMA can reduce the need for system service or make service calls more efficient by providing system insight  upfront.

Avoid costly energy spikes

Our software monitors your HVAC system performance in light of local energy grids, automatically making adjustments to reduce energy consumption and avoid high utility charges. BEMA knows what power to use, what power production to turn off, when to use storage, when to shed load due to power grid peak demand charges, and which loads to shed.

Increase HVAC reliability

With our data analytics and real-time performance data, you can be forewarned of potential system issues—before they turn into costly system failures.

Lower operating costs

BEMA proactively manages energy spend, reduces service/repair costs and extends HVAC asset life by up to three years.

Manage your property with a Virtual building engineer

BEMA serves the same function as a building engineer — providing day-to-day system insight at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your building online—and your tenants happy

By ensuring HVAC and energy reliability, BEMA gives you confidence that your building is under control, and your tenants have a good working environment.

Harness the power of innovation

Our platform revolutionizes how HVAC systems are serviced and maintained while significantly reducing associated repair costs.


BEMA lowers HVAC service and repair costs while minimizing energy costs.

“BEMA monitors and controls what power to use, when to protect and service HVAC equipment, and which technician is the right one for the job when a repair is necessary. Our technology also ensures that the technician gets there faster with the right part in hand. Time is money, and we save time. This limits equipment failure, HVAC downtime, and tenant complaints.”

— Charlie Fletcher, Founder and Managing Director, BEMA