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Building Manager in the Cloud

Holistically view and manage your building’s entire 
energy ecosystem — with one smart software tool.

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Building Visibility
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Owning a commercial building comes with its share of challenges

Among them: keeping tenants happy, ensuring HVAC performance, preventing system failure, and managing fluctuating energy costs — all while optimizing profitability and increasing property value.

With so many complex factors, that’s no small task… unless you have end-to end visibility.

Introducing BEMA

A revolutionary software platform that holistically views and manages your building’s entire energy ecosystem — taking the guesswork out of equipment operation, while helping you save on energy and HVAC service/repair costs.


Holistic data-driven insight

Using sensors and proprietary software, BEMA gathers real- time data about your energy, HVAC system and utilities performance.


Uses integrated sensors and predictive analytics to spot and fix issues before they become equipment failures.

Smart cost

Creates visibility of energy spend and system operation so it can be automated and proactively managed to avoid 
energy spikes.

End-to-end energy control

Optimizes management of HVAC, lighting, solar, battery & thermal storage, charging stations, electrical systems, water and natural gas.

Increased building value

Lowers operating costs and enhances system reliability— increasing property value and making buildings more attractive to potential occupants.

Discover the Power of Bema —
The Future of Management Systems today